Tech Gifts @Sears to Help with a Healthy New You in the New Year #BringTheSleigh $100 Gift Card #Giveaway

It’s almost time to kick start the New Year. What resolutions do you usually make???

I love to always center my focus on positive health for myself and my family as we head into a New Year. Eating right, drinking more water, and regularly exercising are things we all try to do all year long as part of our lifestyle but like many people making New Year Resolutions, I use this time of year to remind myself of all these guiding principles for our family lifestyle. Now tech gadgets make keeping your resolutions even easier!

Healthy and Fit Wishlist from Sears Connected Solutions

Sears Connected Solutions offers the latest tech gear to help you manage your weight, better commit to your exercise plan, and eat healthy even during a crazy schedule thanks to genius smart products.

Wireless gear helps people today monitor, log, and track all kinds of tidbits from miles run to calories burned to hours of quality sleep. Many of these products even let you connect with friends virtually — so you can compete with the number of steps your walk or run. What a way to create a motivating friendly competition for the New Year! Check out my 3 favorite products that I think will help you – or me – stay healthy and fit in the New Year.

3 Products to Help You Stay Healthy and Fit in the New Year

I broke each of these tech gift ideas into a category depending on what resolution is most important to you. All of my fave fitness gadgets definitely make life more streamlined and will help hold you accountable to your healthy lifestyle goals.

1. Exercise – The FitBit Flex $99 at SEARS Connected Solutions

If you want to track your steps and go for that 10,000 steps a day – or even more – Fitbit Flex is an AMAZING way to hold you accountable. I’ve owned a FitBit in the past and it is SO motivating to track all your movement. Especially in the winter months when it so easy to just cozy up on the coach with a movie or sit at my laptop working all day. I find it makes me exercise more and even work and walk more about the house if need be to get a minimum of 10,000 if not 15,000 steps a day. When I don’t try and walk a lot and wear it, to see out of curiosity where I end up – I find it’s well under 10,000 steps if I don’t go for a run that day! Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 10.38.57 AM

2. Weight Management – Fitbit Wi-fi Smart Scale $129 at Sears

I don’t own this but I want one! I love that the wi-fi FitBit scale gives you a precise picture of your long term weight trends by tracking your weight, body fat and body mass index over time. Wirelessly this will send it all to your computer or smart phone so you can see exactly where you are at and hold yourself accountable.

You can even invite up to 7 household members to set up an account but it will automatically recognize you from the others. Genius!

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 9.43.06 AM


3. Healthy Eating: Crock Pot 6 qt Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo

Crock Pots have always been a brilliant way for busy families to pop in the ingredients to create a healthy meal and let them cook during the day while you are out and about. Now, they are even SMARTER. This crock pot comes with wireless tech so you control it via your mobile phone too. So good as I know I love to LOWER the temp late in the day or if my day doesn’t go as planned, I don’t have to RUSH home to turn off the slow cooker. Using the FREE WeMo® App, this smart Slow Cooker adjusts temperature, cook-time and more – all from your smart device. Hooray!

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 10.07.50 AM

Sears Connected Solutions For the New Year’s Resolution Win

Whatever your resolutions, Sears Connected Solutions has the cutting-edge home automation products and services to streamline your routine, save you money and let you control many of your home electronics from the tip of your fingers wherever you are thanks to wireless technology.

I shared a wish list of “Fitness” and “Healthy” products, but maybe you’d like to save more ENERGY and MONEY at home with smart lighting and smart thermostats. SEARS recently launched a flagship store in San Bruno, CA full of the latest smart technology and has a virtual store, where anyone can shop their CONNECTED SOLUTIONS  online. Plus, Sears is also expanding its smart technology assortment across hundreds of stores nationwide to bring tech to the masses and not just those savvy early adopters!

I promise you’ll love shopping the SEARS CONNECTED SOLUTIONS website as you try to bring more SMART tech into your lives and homes. I think you’ll have a fabulous experience as it is organized in a way to help customers gain enormous learning about smart products. Beyond just SMART TV’s and streaming awesome media or music, there are so many ways to incorporate smart tech into our lives – wireless light switches, smart garage doors, smart thermostats, and more.

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Note: Thanks to Sears for sponsoring this post. As always, all thought and opinions are our own. 

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