Testing for Kindergarten

Wow. This book tops my list of must read status for any Mom of a preschooler. Regardless of if your child will someday attend public or private school, this book is for you as it will help you prep your kids for their academic future. Did you know that by the age of 5 most children in America will be given some kind of intelligence test? I didn’t and I never thought twice about it since I’m the Mom of a 2 yr old and 4 yr old who with 100% certainty will attend ordinary public school in the suburbs. But this fact really does matter , far beyond just having a high IQ to gain kindergarten placement at prestigious private schools, as public school children will be also tested and then placed into gifted programs and ability tracks that will potentially impact their academic achievements and exposure for the next 12 years. Within hours of reading Testing for Kindergarten, I started incorporating Karen’s playful strategies and tips for increasing my children’s intelligence . Her book is a light easy read on a topic matter that one would expect to be boring. It’s organized in a way that you can pick it up and put it down as needed to find activities and games to incorporate into the time you already spend with your children that will enable you to improve skill sets – from rhyming to memory to spatial reasoning. And I when I mean she gives you ideas on how to incorporate it into play we are talking lists and lists of questions to ask, games to play, and books to read that will literally change how you interact with your kiddos so they seamlessly learn more. Amazing. For a mere $10, this book brings to the masses, what in the past, only a very expensive consultant might be able to do as it uncovers for us regular parents just what a hard core IQ test will cover so we can gauge the preparation level of our tykes. Don’t let the title fool you into assuming it’s a book geared only for the wealthy elite fighting to get their kids into private schools so their kids will someday get accepted into the Ivy League – really and truly, this is beyond a must read for every Mom of a preschool aged kids. Loved it! (Coming soon!) For more information, click here. Price: $10

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