Thanks to Huggies & Juicy Juice for my SXSW trip!

Just returned from a fantastic trip to Austin, TX where I attended the SXSW conference thanks to Huggies Little Swimmers and Juicy Juice who paid the travel expenses and conference fee for both Audrey from Mom Generations and myself. We were able to give them a plug during our Blog Talk Radio interview (and yes my name is not Carmen it is Colleen…. looks like I’m not much of a web celebrity huh?)
We loved being able to hang out with Andi from Malone Advertising for much of the weekend as she came to represent both Juicy Juice and Huggies. We love that our sponsors embraced the concept of getting to learn more about both Mom Generations & so we could build a relationship. Plus, we were able to learn a little bit more about their brands, while Andi could also absorb our thoughts about brands working with Moms and Social Media.
Did you know that Huggies has some fabulous online coupons right now?
Also did you know you could get a Free sippy cup anytime from Juicy Juice?
Just visit their website here and fill out this form!
The best part of SXSW was truly the networking aspect of an event this huge. Besides being able to hang out with my fellow Walmart 11 Moms and the Rockfish team, I was able to meet face to face many of the PR reps I’ve worked with for the very first time in real life. And I was able to get to know the brands who sponsored my fellow 11 Moms and decided to send team members – like Bissell, Colgate, ConAgra, Hershey’s and the team from Abbott for Zone Nutrition Bars.
Not to mention, those of us who went to the All Top & Kirtsy party had our moment of fame when we were able to get a quick photo op with Guy Kawasaki. Then when a few of us somehow managed to get into the Mashable party to represent the 11 Moms in the “Charity Smackdown” for the pledge to end hunger, we got the coveted photo op with hottie Pete Cashmore, Founder of Mashable. We even were able to convince him to wear a few 11 Mom stickers and had a pretend tug of war with a feather boa for our Charity Smackdown. For a blogger, meeting these 2 guys is comparable to meeting a Hollywood A-lister, so yes really these moments were all that and a bag of chips for sure! I promise photos of these moments will come as soon as I get my hands on them!
So, was SXSW all it was cracked up to be? Clearly! And did I enjoying flying solo? Well, the freedom and adult conversation is always both relaxing and stimulating compared to the endless nursery rhymes and dancing at home. But, alas, I must admit, I’m thrilled to be home after 3 nights away from my babies. Yes, I’m back to the reality of being a Mom. Tantrums, diapers, whining, and more. But nothing compares to seeing these little smiles in real life and snuggling up with the kiddies.

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