Thanksgiving Centerpiece Tutorial – "Give Thanks"

Here’s a great guest post from Iris on how to create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece with step by step instructions.

One of my favorite holidays is just around the corner… Thanksgiving! It is a perfect holiday to get together as a family and have a wonderful feast with yummy food and to go around the table and talk about what we are grateful for. We are extremely blessed as a family and I think it is important that our children know how blessed they are too. It is interesting to hear what they are thankful for. This year my five-year-old son told me that he is thankful for his family and his toys.

To remind us to give thanks, I created a cute display that is currently sitting nicely on our buffet table, but will make a perfect centerpiece for the kids’ table during Thanksgiving dinner.

Read on for Step by Step instructions.

Supplies Needed:

Free Printable “Give Thanks” Tags PDF file

Paper Trimmer or Scissors 2-Inch Circle Scallop or Circle Craft Punch

6-Inch Lollipop Sticks

4-Inch Lollipop Sticks

Rectangular Vase or Planter Floral Styrofoam

Candy Corns

Step 1: Print the free “Give Thanks” tags that you can download here:

Step 2: Print the file onto heavy white cardstock paper. Cut into columns and use a 2-inch circle scallop or 2-inch circle craft punch to punch out each letter or image.

Step 3: Once all the tags are punched out. Glue the turkey tags and “G”, “I”, “V”, and “E” tag onto 6-inch lollipop sticks. Glue the “T”, “H”, “A”, “N”, “K”, and “S” tags onto 4-inch lollipop sticks.

Step 4: Set the tags on sticks aside. Place the floral Styrofoam inside the planter.

Step 5: Start placing the sticks into the Styrofoam and spacing properly as needed (you might need to play around for proper spacing).

Step 6: When you are satisfied with the spacing of the letters, cover the Styrofoam with candy corn.


Now you should have a pretty Thanksgiving centerpiece that you can use to decorate your kids’ table or anywhere you’d like to help remind people to “give thanks”! Happy Thanksgiving!

Iris Metel is a wonderful mom and wife. Iris is very creative and enjoys sharing her holiday decorating ideas with others. During her spare time Iris enjoys writing for My Baby Clothes dot com. Make sure to make a stop by the Holiday Shop and get the perfect holiday baby clothes, tutus and baby headbands.

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  1. Is your free printable available anymore for the “give Thanks” centerpiece? I am looking to do my daughters kindergarten thanksgiving feast and this would be perfect for the centerpiece. Please let me know how I can get a hold of this download. Thank you for sharing you amazing talent with us moms who wish we were more creative:)

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