The 10 Best Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids – Simply Adorable!

Check out our Thanksgiving creations as we feature the 10 Best Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids. All made by my own kiddos! Those preschool and grade school crafts are my absolute faves this time of year. As the weather chills it’s fun to get creative with the season!

The 10 Best Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


10 Best Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

With the turn of the weather in the Fall,  there is no better time to get crafty inside – I especially like crafts that bring the outdoors in and those that celebrate Thanksgiving by letting kids role play too.


Here’s 10 of my favorite Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids – in no particular order. They are all fun and cute!

Enjoy! Everything below is super easy to create. These ideas are practically fool proof and something every Mom can do with their child. I sometimes cruise around on Pinterest and am overwhelmed by the beautiful yet practically impossible to make craft ideas. Trust me, anyone can quickly and easily make all the items on our Top 10 list!

1. The Native American necklace. A classic made of yarn, noodles, and fruit loops! 


2. The Indian Headdress made out of construction paper with glued on leaves and gems for a bit of added bling. 


3. Indian Vest – created out of a brown paper paper. Just cut holes in the arms, a circle in the neck area and then cut down the middle. The kids can paint it or decorate however they desire.


4. Turkeys – Paper plates, paint, construction paper, and google eyes. As you can tell, depending on the child the turkey might turn out different which makes this craft even more fun!


5. Paper bag pumpkin. Just stuff a paper bag with newspaper, paint it orange and tie it with a pretty green ribbon or yarn for the stem. These last for years and make beautiful decorations in the house from September through November.


6. Feather Turkey –just cut out a turkey shape and let your kidlets go crazy with glue and feathers!


7. Pumpkin Pie – Paint your slice of a paper plate orange witha  brown trim. Then add real cinnamon to the wet paint. Let dry and then glue on a cotton ball for your whipped cream.


8. Make a Pilgrim Hat – Just use napkin and string. Simple!

9. Fall Placemats – Bring the Outside in! Iron leaves between wax paper. Hang or use as a placemat.

10. Thanksgiving Wreath – Trace your child’s hand on bright construction paper.  Cut out and glue in a wreath pattern with a special loved one or Grandparent and be thankful for the time together. This decoration will last all the way through the New Year!


BONUS: Make music with a homemade tamborine. Staple together 2 small paper plates and drop beans inside before sealing it. Great for a Thanksgiving Day parade!



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