The 1st Day of School with Tony Baloney #TonyBaloney

And today my baby went to Kindergarten………


Luckily, Kyle was all smiles, but I profess I’m feeling bittersweet about his new adventure! My baby is growing up.

It made it so much easier to send him off on the big yellow school bus since he was ecstatic about going to Kindergarten. This morning he was ready to go bright and early and begging to leave for the bus stop long before it was time to get out the door. I think all our pre-Kindergarten encouragement paid off as he was thrilled to start school today.

We’ve been getting Kyle pumped up for his big “1st day” of school by reading the adorable and goofy book, “Tony Baloney School Rules“. This book is super cute with bright colorful illustrations about adventures that the penguin Tony Baloney has on his 1st day of school. Preschoolers will enjoy this book, but I think that it especially speaks to kids gearing up for their 1st day of “real school” in Kindergarten and those prepping to return  to 2nd or 3rd grade. The K-3 age range will totally relate to Tony’s excitement (and his nerves!) about leaving his little sibling Baby Baloney at home and joining his Big Sis Baloney at school.

Kenzie and Kyle totally got a totally kick out of this book and have read it no less than 20 times in the last few weeks. And of course, we read it last night as our book before bed on night before the 1st day of school.

Tony Baloney incorporates some great early learning reading and letter sound practice too as Tony is supposed to only raise his hand for “B” emergencies. The kids and I have a lot of fun coming up with silly “B” emergencies beyond the basics of “belly upset, bathroom, or bandage” just like Tony and his classmates in the story. Since Kyle will be learning to read in Kindergarten this letter association is great for him.


Official Synopsis for “Tony Baloney School Rules”:

Tony Baloney is finally free from the tyranny of his many sisters only to face a new challenge–SCHOOL RULES! How will Tony ever follow them all? True to his resilient spirit, he discovers a first day of school filled with new friends, good fun, a few foibles, and some fantastic surprises!

Hilarious sibling dynamics make this book a hit with young readers who can relate to the “Bossy Big Sister Baloney,” “Mischievous Middle” Tony Baloney, or the “Bothersome Baby Baloneys.” Tony Baloney is poised to become a classic, character-driven series in the vein of Arthur, Fly Guy, and Frog and Toad.

I was snapping all kind of photos on the this morning in honor of the big day. I love this shot of the kids strolling together up the street to the bus stop. This will be their first walk of many together in the years to come, and it just captures the essence of heading off to school of little bro and big sis.


Waiting for the bus with Mom…..


And off he goes climbing aboard the big yellow school bus.


Official Praise for Tony Baloney:

“Ryan’s exuberant story takes a fresh look at sibling dynamics . . . Fotheringham’s hyperbolic digital illustrations counterbalance the slyly understated narrative, portraying Tony’s (and Dandelion’s) antics with humor.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Memorable characters and vivid scenes. Tony will definitely be a favorite with readers. He is bound to become an enduring character poised to experience many more adventures.”—Library Media Connection

“The trials and tribulations of middle children get zesty, energetic treatment in this story.” –The Horn Book

“Totally goofy, but totally fun.”—Booklist

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6 thoughts on “The 1st Day of School with Tony Baloney #TonyBaloney”

  1. Looks like your son had a great day! And thank you for sharing the Tony Baloney book… my son’s school is having a book fair this week. Hopefully I can pick it up before his first day!

  2. Ah first day of kindergarten, what a great memory! Your kids look adorable. Still waiting for school to start around here, lol! I like the sound of Tony Baloney, sounds like a great preschooler book.

  3. The Tony Baloney book looks like so much fun! I think this would be more of a book for my daughter when she goes off to kindergarten. I may have to grab it and hold for her to read next year.

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