Where to Find the Best Fidget Cube #FreetheFidget

Who else has kids obsessed by the fidget spinner craze?? Check out this different spin on the fidgeting sensation with this innovative Fidget Cube. Wonder where to find the best fidget cube? The original Fidget Cube™ designed by Antsy Labs  from Zuru Toys is super cool. This Fidget Cube lets fidgeters quietly focus as each side of the cube has a different “distraction” or activity — think clicks, spins, twirls, rolls or glides – the perfect distraction to rid kiddos of nervous energy or keep them occupied. My kids love it for car rides and traveling too! Small to pack away but super fun for them to play with and stay occupied. The cube has buttons, balls, tabs and more to keep you fidgeting quietly.

Where to Find the Best Fidget Cube

This genius cube is available in both blue and pink which is fun too! Doesn’t it look great? Kenzie and Kyle love their cubes – and Kyle loves that his is blue and Kenzie’s is pink so they don’t get them mixed up!

best fidget cube

Learn more about the Fidget cube from Zuru here.

Bonus: Personally as a Mom I find this neat Fidget cube from Zuru frar less “annoying” to see my kids fiddling with compared to using a fidget spinner endlessly too!

Zuru also makes other fidget toys like Fidget spinners too.

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Note: Thanks to Zuru for sending us these sample fidget spinners and cubes. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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