The Big Jump

Conquering the diving board. No simple task. I’m so proud of my little girl! My heart is still bursting hours later after watching her jump off the diving board for the very 1st time.

Watching her took me back to a summer 30 years ago when I too was only 4 years old. I still recall the very day when I first started jumping off the diving board. I can remember standing at the edge of the board with the line of children stacking up behind me as lifeguards, passerby, the kids, and my parents encouraged me to just jump in. I finally did it with the help of the coaxing audience. And of course I loved it.

I swear I felt Mackenzie’s fear as she slowly walked the plank and stood on the edge quivering in trepidition before taking her plunge. (Or make that taking her gigantic belly flop into the deep end.)

And to think that only 4 weeks ago Mackenzie still wouldn’t put her face under water and now she’s swimming freestyle and jumping off the diving board.

What a summer!

4 thoughts on “The Big Jump”

  1. Congrats. What a brave thing for a 4 year-old. My kids start swim lessons next week and like your Kenzie they won’t even put their face in water. I hope they develop the same love for swimming as I have. But I don’t know that I am ready for them to be diving off boards. You are braver than me. 😉

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