The Classic Christmas Pajama Photo #StraightTalkWishList

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What traditions bring your family & friends together during the holidays?

I’m so thankful for my friendship with my two best friends. We’ve been friends since the 7th grade – some 28 years! Crazy!

We get together with our families every Christmas to celebrate the holidays and our years of friendship. Ever since we had children, every year we do an annual family gathering with all the children.

I’m so grateful for this time together. We stopped exchanging gifts when the kids were 3 years old as we realized the gifts were just one more distraction amidst the chaos of large family gathering.

The best gift of all was just time spent together. Eliminating gifts gave us even more time to focus on each other and connect.

Capturing the classic photo of the children – especially in Christmas Pajamas! This one tradition creates a lasting memory for all of us – both the children and the adults. Every year now, with the simplicity of our smart phones, the kids always beg us to pull up past photos. This year, some of the kids in our group even will have their own Straight Talk phones & I suspect they’ll be sharing pics too!

How technology has changed since they were babes – us Parents weren’t even sharing their Christmas PJ photos on social and I know we definitely captured the photos with our old school cameras and not our sleek smart phones of the year 2015.

Holiday 2014

christmas pajama 2014 Holiday 2012

christmas 2012

Holiday 2011

Christmas 2011

Holiday 2010

Christmas Pajamas 2010

Holiday 2009

christmas kids 2009

Holiday 2007 when my little guy Kyle was only a 3 weeks old!

christmas kids 2007

And it looks like when the kids were babes we actually didn’t even have the energy to photo them in the PJ’s! Look at the classics I found below from when they were so little!

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I don’t have any siblings so these best friends of mine  are truly MY FAMILY and they are like sisters to me. I’m so thankful and grateful for having them in my life all these years for the good times and the challenging times.

The children are growing by leaps and bounds and this year we have our 1st teenager in the crew, too!

I can’t wait to see how this year’s photo turns out. You can be sure we’ll be sharing it on social media via my Straight Talk device!  

What traditions bring your family & friends together during the holidays? Share on social with #StraightTalkWishList.

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  1. It was nice to read your post Colleen. Christmas to most people are associated with presents but the most important thing is to spend this time with a family or friends. Your pyjamas party tradition is great because kids have fun as well as you – adults. It’s worth copying to my home.

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