The days are long but the years are short……

And then came 1 st grade. I can hardly believe my little baby is growing up so fast. Luckily, Kenzie is CRAZY for school and has an unquenchable quest for knowledge. My non-stop reader couldn’t wait to head back to school and found being there a full day with lunch included THRILLING.

Here’s the requisite 1st day of School photos. They are cute and I love how she is missing her 1st tooth too.

It was a wet one too so the umbrellas were out and about!

Time is fleeting and I wish I could just bottle up my children at this age so I could keep them with me forever.

The rain slowed down just enough for us to be able to capture some cute photos too.


FYI since a bunch of people asked me…..

Kenzie is wearing an outfit from Crazy 8, shoes from Target that we bought for school last year and were too big, and her backpack is from Lands End.

And then there was one…… Kyle enters Pre-K next week so I’ll still have him with me every afternoon at least 🙂


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