The Happy’s Video Review – These critters make PERFECT Pets!

Hot new toy alert! Check out The Happy’s, from the maker’s of Zhu Zhu pets. Both Kenzie and Kyle are obsessing over these new toys especially as we do NOT have a real cat and dog in our own home. Luckily, The Happy’s make perfect pets and kids feel like this interactive toy acts just like a real pet as The Happy’s will follow you around, do tricks, and even play chase with their very own play ball!  Check out our The Happy’s Video Review below.

I promise your kids are going to go wild for these. 8 year old Kenzie won’t stop playing with it!


The Happy’s pets are priced at $19.99 with accessories about $9.99. The Happy’s are now available in stores and make a super cute Easter Basket gift as they fit perfectly in baskets. We were sent our Happy by my very good friend Maria Bailey and she wrapped it up beautifully in an Easter basket as a surprise gift for the kids. They were floored to get their very own package addressed to THEM with a note introducing them to this new toy sensation.

The Happy’s Video Review

Check out Kenzie’s video review of her beloved Happy named Chance, an adorable puppy. You can control some of your pets tricks via the little “bone” and you can put it on follow mode or an explore mode. Very cool!

Look how easily The Happy’s fit into an Easter Basket.


Accessories for The Happy’s

Kenzie absolutely ADORES her brand new Happy named “Chance”. She plays games with him, reads him stories, and literally treats this little pup like her very own real pet. Love it!

There’s also a bunch of super cute accessories that sell for $9.99 including a bed, chase and play ball, skateboard and even a tower that multiple pets can gather and dance around.

The Happy’s make 25+ sounds, beg, chase, pounce, and spin. So much fun!

Here’s a secret photo of Kenzie that I snapped when she was reading to her Happy Chance.


Another Happy’s Video review – you can tell my daughter is really into this new toy sensation!

Note: Thanks to my very good friends at Mom Select  for gifting my children with this wonderful new toy just as it hit toy store shelves. We love it! As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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