The Kissing Hand

If you haven’t read this sweet story to your children, definitely pick it up at the library or order it. Promise the preschoolers will love it. And so will Mommy! 5 yr old Kenzie had this story read to her at preschool story hour one day and wouldn’t stop talking about "The Kissing Hand" and explaining the meaning behind a Kissing Hand. Basically, it’s a cute story about a little raccoon who is sad to leave his Mama to go to night school since he loves being home with her all day. (Remember raccoons are nocturnal – a nice learning point!) So Mama suggests she kiss his hand, and then anytime he wants to feel her, he puts the hand on his cheek and will remember his Mommy’s love. So cute and sweet.A great book to read before the start of every school year and before Mom or Dad leave to go away on a trip. Both Kyle and Kenzie are captivated by this concept and I started doing the kissing hand for them whenever I went on a business trip. Now, I just bought it for the kids from the Scholastic book order and now I am adoring the story too and I’ve been reading it to the kids again and again. Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $10

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