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School’s out for summer! It’s time for outdoor play, tennis, and tons of swimming for my family, but I’m also hoping to keep my soon to be 1st grader enthusiastic about reading. To celebrate the release of the new LEGO Movie on DVD, DK publishing sent us their new LEGO Movie book collection. Luckily, he is OBSESSED with LEGOS so I’m hoping these new Lego Movie inspired stories and sticker collections will keep him reading – and he won’t even realize it since he’s all about anything LEGO!


LEGO Movie Books Available

Check out the below for details on just a handful of the fantastic LEGO Movie books and LEGO MOVIE sticker collections available.  I love that there is a huge variety of LEGO Movie books for all reading levels – from chapter books to easy beginner books to books appropriate for those somewhere in between.

My son Kyle especially loves the sticker collections. These are great as we find them to be like solving a giant puzzle as the kids try to match the sticker to the correct page where it belongs. Lots of descriptions of characters and scenes are included too so this gives ample opportunity for your child to read to themselves or for Mom, Dad or big sister to help out reading too. We keep these Sticker books form DK publishing in our swim bags and in the car so we always have one on hand to keep Kyle entertained when we are “on the go” – genius books and worth every penny!

·         “The LEGO Movie©: The Essential Guide”— contains profiles of your favorite characters, in-depth looks at the LEGO lands featured in the movie, and behind-the-scenes info; $12.99.

·         “The LEGO Movie©: The Ultimate Sticker Collection” — contains more than 1,000 stickers featuring the heroes, the locations and the vehicles from the movie; $12.99.

·         “The LEGO Movie©: Calling All Builders” — this paperback Level 1 Reader for early learners follows the movie’s storyline while implementing simple sentences, a picture glossary and more to make reading easy for beginners; $3.99.

·         “The LEGO Movie©: Awesome Adventures” — this paperback Level 2 Reader brings the movie’s adventures to story time with longer sentences and increased vocabulary that encourages kids to read on their own; $3.99.


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