The Man Behind The Scenes Signs Autographs & the kids run the 1 Mile Race!

Happy Father’s Day to Mike!

There’s nothing like remembering those glory days of our youth however, Mike was able to relish the moment again and shine unexpectedly this weekend. Looks like Olympic Fever has hit as Mike was surrounded by kids requesting his autograph after winning a local 5K this weekend. Hysterical and super cute! Winning races is nothing new for Mike but as autograph requests are definitely NOT part of the “5K race winner” package.


I thought the autograph requests were especially sweet as our lovely Dad figure is typically such a behind the scenes kind of guy. Kenzie and Kyle love watching Dad win his road races and they were thrilled at all the attention he was getting. Just in time for Father’s Day our hero was able to shine for everyone else. Go Mike!

And the kids joined in the fun too as both Kyle – age 4 and Kenzie – age 6 raced the 1 mile run. We both helped them through it – I ran with Kyle and Mike ran with Kenzie. The kids did fabulous and look to be little athletes and runners in the making! Kenzie even ran 9 mins for her 1 mile!




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