The Pillow Pets Commercial

What’s up with the Pillow Pets? Are your kids totally enchanted with this product? Given our $16 cable package we assumed we did not get Sprout TV and thus missed out on the Pillow Pet phenomenon last year. Randomly, a month ago we discovered the Sprout channel when we were reprogramming our TV stations. The kids are hooked and instantly fell for the Pillow Pets commercial. The catchy tune. The dream of someday having a pillow pet to call their own.  You have no idea how crazy Kenzie & Kyle are for the Pillow Pets. We watch the commercial here on  YouTube.  We visit the website and plan which “pet” they might want and just how much they’ll play with it compared to their other toys. Maybe someday we’ll get them one, but for now it’s more fun just dreaming about the Pillow Pets.

6 thoughts on “The Pillow Pets Commercial”

  1. lol- they have a Pillow Pets kiosk at KOP Mall right next to Build A Bear. So you can either buy one there, or make sure to avoid it at all cost if the kids are with you!

  2. You have no clue….I just went to the mall with my daughter today to buy her one (she earned it with stars) The stand was not there anymore. So I had to drive home and listen to her talk about the pillow pets again. Then we got home and she just loves to look at the website and pick all the pillow pets she eventually wants to own.

    ALL of the pillow pets were sold out over Christmas. Wish I came up with the idea.

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