The Protein Fix

Ever feel like something in your diet is lacking? Besides the simple answer for remembering to eat any plain old food as I’m so busy feeding the tiny hungry mouths around me that I simply struggle to find time to eat – I’m finding protein always makes me feel more energized for longer periods of time. Recently, as I’ve tried to find a “protein fix”, I’ve been having eggs a few times a week for breakfast. I notice that the days I start off my day with an egg, that I not only have more energy but also think I tend to have less cravings for random unhealthy snacks as I feel more satisfied and alert from consuming a healthy source of protein.

I’m no nutritionist, but I wonder if other Moms feel like protein is more satisfying and must somehow be meeting some “dietary” needs that if you’re like me, we’ve been missing out on?

Watching a toddler scale furniture and attempting to prevent all sorts of dangerous activities while eating a quick snack or sandwich is somewhat manageable but my husband and I are finding dinner totally impossible. So it’s no wonder we’re coming up short on protein!

Baby Kyle is allergic to eggs so he isn’t benefiting from my new breakfast egg kick. And the nut factor is ruled out as I’m fearful of choking toddlers and pre-schoolers running around with anything remotely like a nut in their mouth! I’m trying to give the kids and myself an extra slice of cheese in the afternoon as a snack or even before we settle down for lunch. And now that we’re in prime season for all kinds of fresh fruits I’m treating the kids and myself to fruit smoothies (yogurt, OJ, and fresh fruit in a blender!) as a special afternoon snack once a week too.

What other ways, besides meat at dinner, do you sneak in protein to your family’s diet? I’d love to hear any and all suggestions.

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