The red carpet is sometimes actually gray…

Really. This weekend, I had my own red carpet moment at the Independent Spirit Awards. And this time the red carpet really was gray and not red which I thought was somewhat random and I guess just added to that “Indy” vibe of the event.

Here I am striking a pose. We were being ushered in quickly amidst the real stars – including Anne Heche who was right in front of us. The Papparazzi and all the real media outlets were screaming her name wildly to get her to pose. It was insane.  She seemed very gracious and agreeable to all the attention.  Which gave me time to pose for this shot too!

I scored my invite from Recycle Bank and Aveeno – who was actually sponsoring an award at the show. I attended as part of a group of 25 women, mostly beauty bloggers, who will be Brand Ambassadors for Aveeno in the coming year. Our role at the event was to hang out in the backstage Aveeno lounge to live blog & tweet about the Spirit Awards.

Aveeno is an awesome brand and I’m so excited to work them in the coming year to get a sneak peek at their products and to help them spread their message about taking small steps to make a big difference in the environment.

We had great backstage access. Literally eating the same passed appetizers & sweet potato fries in the back stage bar as Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and Kate Flannery (Meredith from the Office).

Here I am hanging with my Mom pals, Jenny from Southern Savers and Whitney from Mommies with Style. We got up close and personal next to all kinds of huge stars which was exciting.  Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, Samuel Jackson and more.

It was an amazing time although totally frigid oceanside in Santa Monica for the event. It even snowed in Burbank this weekend! The Spirit Awards were held in a gigantic tent right next to the beach in Santa Monica, but it was freezing despite space heaters in the tents.

If only it wasn’t so frigid I’m sure I would have taken a ton more photos. However, it also felt weird taking pictures since it’s THEIR party and celebration so I also kind of felt like we couldn’t intrude too much either.

But we sure couldn’t resist posing on the red, or make that gray carpet.

On the way out, I actually rubbed elbows with the handsome Aaron Eckhart who was also complaining about it being “FREEZING!” and talking on his cell phone. Yes, these guys are even more handsome in person too! So it was a very good day.

Disclosure: As a Brand Ambassador for Aveeno, Aveeno & Recycle Bank paid for my travel expenses so I could attend the Independent Spirit Awards. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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