The Sick Bed

It’s been a long week at our house so you’ll have to excuse the lack of posts. The Flu has hit.

Mommyhood and tending to my kids is my official job, so I’ve been extra busy with Pediatrician visits, pharmacy runs, providing cuddles, taking temps, trying to get the kids to eat, dispensing Tylenol, and desperately trying to lower high fevers.

Looks like the kids have been hit with the dreadful Flu everyone is getting. And yes that high fever is torture and virtually impossible to bring down.
Mackenzie, 4, got sick Sunday with ear aches and a 101 fever. By Monday afternoon I thought maybe she really did have an ear infection what with her complaints. The fever wasn’t high so I didn’t suspect flu but figured we’d better see the Doctor. He said she had a throat infection and that both ears were super red and definitely in the early stages of an ear infection so he was going to treat her with Zithromax (as she has been getting more resistant ear infections lately.)
Sadly, she only got sicker and sicker with non stop 104 fevers through the next night and Kyle woke up yesterday irritable and with 102 fever. By lunch, I thought maybe his ears hurt too and figured we better visit the Doctor. Luckily, we saw Dr. Harkness again who had just seen Kenzie. When I explained her latest symptoms and he examined Kyle (who had nothing wrong with him but his temperature), he thought it was probable flu and that Kenzie just had also presented with the ear infections.
He wanted to treat Kyle with Tamiflu as he was under the age of 2 which is a high risk category.
Well thank goodness we went to the Doctor because it was an awful afternoon and evening. I could only get his 104+ fever down to 103. The Tamiflu did make him vomit (or it was from the flu) as he had a major eruption in the afternoon. My carpet is still a disaster and he also ruined our pillows when he literally tossed his cookies. (Yes all I can get him to eat when he is sick is cookies) No Jello, No Popsicles, and No Juice. Only cookies.
Good news: This morning Kenzie looks like her fever is breaking and Kyle is only hitting 101-102. The day is still young as far as rising fevers go, but it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel. Until then, we’ll be enjoying the sick bed as we rotate it from the Master Bedroom, to the Family Room to the Basement to keep things interesting as we watch every possible Barbie DVD ever created. Kyle’s biggest weakness in life and greatest soothing tool is the infamous Barbie (or Bobby Bobby Bobby as he likes to call her)

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