The things we do for our children……Like Dressing up as a Polar Bear!

So sometimes we do crazy things for our kids. Blame it on love. Last week was a fun one that I’m sure we’ll remember for a long time.

Quiet unassuming Mike dressed up as the GIGANTIC Polar Bear Lars last week for Kenzie’s school’s annual “Teddy Bear Picnic”.

He played the “naughty” bear who wouldn’t listen to the teachers too – so this meant Mike did lots of gesturing, butt wiggling, and dancing while literally BOILING inside this humongous Polar Bear suit. Of course I was the one who volunteered Mike for the gig – but he was a great sport about it….. I was a “Bear Guide” to help the bears to and from the assembly as they had to perform their show and duties 2 times during the afternoon. Mike had a blast and did fabulous – but yes this costume was like a form of torture.

Here’s his video of his routine – and yes the little kids loved it.

During our various 10 ┬áminute breaks for the Bears to get a breather, Mike would pull of his bear head and I swear I thought he might have a heart attack. This is a guy who runs under 16 minutes for the 5K but I’ve never seen him so red, sweaty or exhausted looking. As if it wasn’t hot enough – he was also basically blind in the suit – they had you see through the nose but his nose got all fogged up from the steamy heat! The costume is supposed to have a fan running in it – but there was no battery included so Mike was stuck with the steam!

He says if he ever gets the pleasure to wear the ordinary “Teddy Bear” Cubby suit again – as he wore it at Christmas to hand out t-shirts to all the kids in the school – that he will relish it with delight.

And I’m sure he’ll get just that chance – Kyle will be in Kindergarten soon and 2014 will be here before we know it.

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