The Trials of Redecorating

A few weeks ago I announced that Better Homes and Gardens is sponsoring a redecorating project in my home to celebrate the brand new line of products they’ve recently launched at Walmart.

As I explained at the start of this project, redecorating was definitely not top of mind amidst the constant mess of cheerios, goldfish, and endless toys that aim to take over my home on a daily basis. For better or worse, I’ve made some kind of mental shift as I’ve begun to reassess my entire home’s décor.

I profess I’m now becoming a redecorating junkie as I aspire to make all kinds of changes in our living quarters!

However, my redecorating habit is taking a toll on my marital bliss. My husband is not entirely thrilled with my desire to update and redesign. I’m desperate to paint the nook in our kitchen “Cabin Red” to match my brand new cranberry seat cushions for our table. He absolutely refuses to let me alter the paint in this corner and reiterates, “It is his house too.” Understandable.

I hoped to be a little more daring and dramatic but for the sake of my personal life, I’ll need to can this paint idea. So far, I’ve already retired my 30 year old table for this gorgeous new Farmhouse Table & Chair set. I love the changes! Although, a brand new table does not mean your toddler will stop smudging it with fingerprints or that your preschooler will stop spilling yogurt on a daily basis. Don’t kid yourself with that one!

– I’m still working on accessorizing with the following to complete my new look:

-Finding the right size sconces for my back wall (the one I so desperately want to paint red!)

-Adding a red table runner. (But I’m unable to track it down in stores or online)

-Filling an oversized stylish hurricane vase with just the right arrangement

-Making up my mind on a new light fixture! Decisions are tough!

-Installing my new “nested” style cabinet knobs

And I’m now so inspired, I must admit, I now have grand plans for redesigning my downstairs powder room with a new paint job, trendy sink, and light fixture once this kitchen project is finished! All it takes is that initial moment of inspiration because truly the process of planning and redecorating is so much fun once you get started.

Disclosure: Better Homes & Gardens is sponsoring this post.

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