The Way Kids See It Mini Documentary: Project Sunlight with @Unilever #BrightFuture

Must watch! Check out this 1 minute mini documentary featuring “The Way Kids See It”- all about sustainability and what KIDS are doing to make a difference. I love it. What ideas do your children have to brighten our future for the planet? How do you teach your children about sustainability?

The Way Kids See It Mini 1 minute Documentary

This was created by Unilever for Project Sunlight a fantastic program for families and children that I’ve teamed up with to promote on Classy Mommy.

The short showcases the ideas and inspiration for creating a brighter future from children all over the world. It also highlights the hopes, dreams and plans that children have for a better world, and in turn, motivates families to work together to live more sustainably.

I love to see companies putting dollars towards sustainability. The earth is a gift and as resources diminish and populations expand, we must all work together to find a way to make our planet sustainable.

This summer Kenzie, Kyle and I are going to do one of the Summer Sunlight Activities that Unilever is sharing on their Project Sunlight website to Go Green in the Bathroom. Check out these Summer Sunlight Activities as you might also enjoy doing them with your children on a rainy day and as you look for enriching activities to do together once school lets out.

Note: Thanks to Unilever Project Sunlight for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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