Thumb Sucking Remedy

Here’s Gwenyth Paltrow’s daughter, Apple sucking her thumb years ago.  My son Kyle is a cute little huge thumb sucker too. He’s almost 2.5. Lately, he’s been sucking his thumb so much that his poor little thumb is totally chapped and beat up looking. How will I break him of this habit? When did your kids stop sucking their thumb? Did you help them break the habit or did it just gradually happen on on their own?


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  1. I don’t know but when you find out tell me my 6 1/2 year old is still sucking his thumb~~ I have tried everything but the dreaded yucky nailpolish..

  2. You could try waiting it out a bit longer and if he’s still doing it, offer a reward to him if he stops. Say like, if you catch him NOT sucking his thumb when he usually does it during the day, praise him like crazy, tell him he’s such a big kid and he’ll get a sticker he can put on a chart. And if he can keep from it at night, he’ll get another sticker, etc. After a certain amount of no thumb-sucking/stickers on his sticker chart, he gets a big-kid reward. This worked for mine in thumb sucking and pacifier removal. lol good luck!

  3. Try talking to your dentist and your pediatrician. If it’s not a problem (developmentally) for now, I wouldn’t worry. I have been fortunate in not having to face this concern with any of my children, but I remember my parents struggles and worries as both of my brothers and I all sucked our thumbs as kids. I outgrew the thumb sucking by the time I was out of preschool but my brothers were both older though I am not sure how old. As far as his little thumb goes, try the cream that is used for nursing moms. I believe there is one from Lansinoh that works well. Just slip a sock or mitten over his hand for a few minutes to give it time to absorb a little and use it at a time when he is least likely to suck his thumb like at meals or during play time. I hope this helps and good luck to you.

  4. Keep me posted if you find a way! My 4 year old still does. At daycare they do the sticker chart which works there, but as soon as she gets home and she’s chillin in the chair, the thumb’s back. Sticker chart with big reward worked perfect for her potty training, but not the thumb. We also have tried bribing her with a big reward that she really wants and still no change.

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