Tiny Prints Coupon Code Personalized iPhone Cases Save 35%

I love having personalized photo iPhone cases for my cell phone – and these make the PERFECT gift for that special someone who has everything.

Here’s a hot deal  with this coupon code to save 35% off Tiny Prints iPhone “photo” cases. Create a personalized iPhone case to fit iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s.   Reguarly priced at $39.95, saving 35% is a big deal!

Monday: 35% off iPhone Cases
Code: CYBER1126 

Expiration: 11/26/12 11:59 pm PT

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  1. com, the i – Phone 5 “will come with a new Maps app with Siri-powered turn-by-turn directions and a Passport app that will store digital versions of your affinity cards, boarding passes, tickets, coupons and, eventually credit and debit cards, so you can get on a plane or into a stadium or pay for a Starbucks coffee by flashing a bar code on the phone. The Belkin Shield Micra case was created for the i – Phone four and will suit equally to the i – Phone five. Rhe case also became too bulky over time, especially after Otterbox released its more lightweight Reflex case.

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