Tips for Toddler Flower Girls

Tips For Having A Toddler Flower Girl At Your Wedding

There is something adorable about a little flower girl at a wedding. Little girls are naturally adorable, but add to that with a sweet flower girl dressĀ and the job of throwing flowers and you cold have adorable-overload. Unfortunately, not every toddler is right for the job of flower girl. If you plan on having a toddler flower girl at your wedding here are some simple tips to consider.

Walking Down the Aisle

Toddlers are still early walkers, and some may not be steady enough to really make the long walk. Consider how important it is to you to have her walking by herself. There are many simple alternatives that you could use instead. A decorated wagon would be adorable pulled down the aisle, or have someone carry her. If you have an older ring bearer, he could help guide her down the way.

You should also consider if she is secure enough to make it. Depending on the size of your wedding, and the age of your flower girl, she could become scared very easily. She may need a parent or older sibling to go with her, both to ease nerves and to help keep her on track.

Tossing the flowers

If you want an even, delicate spray of flowers across the aisle, a toddler probably is not your best bet. Most likely, you will get a few small clumps of flowers or none at all until the very end. A very playful flower girl may even attempt to throw flowers at guests or engage in playing.

You should also consider what types of flowers you will be using. Brightly colored flower petals may make younger toddler see them as candy. This could be a very bad thing, especially if you use silk flower petals instead of real. Make sure that your flower girl understands that the petals are not candy, and make sure she is not allergic to the particular flowers yo are using.


Most wedding ceremonies are fairly short, however the lead up to them can take hours. When working with toddlers, time is of the essence. They have very limited patience and ability to wait. This is especially true of things they are looking forward to. Toddlers also need to be kept entertained during long waits, which can interrupt a quiet ceremony.

Toddlers also have very strict schedules when it comes to food and sleep. If your flower girl is hungry or tired, you may have to just give up the idea of having her at your wedding. Be sure to choose a time when she would not normally be napping, and that she has gotten plenty of sleep the night before. Plan snacks to be available so she can fill up before becoming grumpy.

Having a toddler flower girl can be beautiful at a wedding. But, as parents of toddler know, it can also be unpredictable. Taking a few simple steps to make sure that your flower girl is up to the task will go miles toward making sure your wedding is beautiful. And mostly tantrum free.

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