Tips from Celebrity Hair Stylist Patrick Melville

I love hair tips for busy Moms. Especially from Celebrity Stylists!

This weekend, I got a hair makeover with Patrick Melville, celebrity stylist and spokesperson for Aveeno. He gave me some great tips for busy Moms. Here’s my interview with Patrick and below are a few very helpful nuggets of advice he shared with me.

So here’s the scoop on the advice he gave me:

1.  Don’t go too light on the highlights if you have dark roots. (That would be me!) Otherwise, those blonde highlights can turn that ugly “ash” color. Steer clear from ash shades and go for the honey & golden hues only

2. Don’t fight your natural style. If you have curl work with the curl. Embrace your natural look & beauty.

3.  Don’t forget to use a color preserving shampoo or glaze if you get highlights. Awesome advice as I totally do NOT preserve my highlights in any way shape or form. That is soon going too change as I’ll be trying out the Aveeno Living Color line as these shampoos, conditioner, and glaze help preserve the color in your hair. (And like most Aveeno products, these all include Active Naturals – in this case color fortyifying lupine botanicals.)

Disclosure: As a Brand Ambassador for Aveeno, Aveeno & Recycle Bank paid for my travel expenses so I could attend the Independent Spirit Awards. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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