Tips from National Teen Driver Safety Week #STSafeDriver #StraightTalkTesters

I’m partnering with Straight Talk this year to share info about their amazing services for families. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Did you know that the Safe Driver Car Connection device from Straight Talk has TONS of benefits for teen drivers? I think the Safe Driver Car Connection is genius for concerned parents – and ALL parents – that want to insure their teen driver is acting responsibly and safely while on the road.

Safe Driver Car Connection is a fabulous solution for parents. This easy-to-use device plugs into your car’s computer system (OBD-II port) to help monitor stats about your car and, of course, the drivers.

My children aren’t driving yet, but someday when they do start driving, I know my biggest concerns will be two- fold, involving vehicle location and the fear of my kids being distracted by cell phone use in the car. Texting while driving terrifies me!

How Safe Driver Car Connection Helps Parents Monitor Teen Drivers and Keeps Teens Safe

  • Where are my kids going in the car? Are they where they are supposed to be?

Luckily, Safe Driver Car Connection helps parents track teen drivers, as this device literally checks vehicle location every 5 minutes. Fantastic!

  • Are my kids texting while driving? Are they reading texts? Are they making outgoing or taking incoming calls while driving?

Genius fix to this issue thanks to Safe Driver Car Connection. Love it! Safe Driver Car Connection disables all text functionality & inbound/outbound calls when car is in motion using the free ZoomSafer mobile app, available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry phones. When a call or text is received, the sender is automatically notified that the driver will call them back. You can read more about the Safe Driver Car Connection device and its other features in my review here!

Where to Buy Safe Driver Car Connection

Available at Walmart and online at and, the Safe Driver Car Connection device retails for $139.99 (MSRP). There are two service plans available: $10/30 days and $100/1 year. These plans are unique to this device and cannot be used with any other device.

safe driver car connection

Special Straight Talk Deals

I heart the no contract plans offered by Straight Talk. They’re ideal for families with teens that need phones or for anyone who wants a fantastic plan at the lowest price with unlimited talk, text, and data.

Starting October 27, the Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon will be available for only $149 at your local Walmart.

Straight Talk is also offering a  Bring Your Own Tablet (BYOT) options, where customers can bring their current AT&T or T-Mobile compatible tablets to Straight Talk and connect service to them – all without a contract.


Where to buy Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk is available exclusively at Walmart stores, or

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