Tips on How to Draw Vanellope from Disney Animator Mark Henn #RalphBreakstheInternetBluray

If you’re a Disneyphile, the thought of sitting down with a Disney Animator and watching them draw is absolutely thrilling. While in LA for the Ralph Breaks the Internet movie premiere, we were able to sit down with Disney Animator Mark Henn for our very own drawing lesson. Woohoo! Mark Henn was the 2D animation supervisor for Ralph Breaks The Internet and his resume includes being the lead animator for a handful of Disney Princesses like Ariel, Belle, Tiana, Jasmine and more!

How to Draw Vanellope

Mark Henn

We sat and watched him draw while he gave us all our very own pencils so we could get to work too! He showed us how to draw Vanellope in seriously under 10 minutes! Mark is a gifted artist and a true pure Disney animator from the era of 2D animation. Paper and pencil are a gift in his hands. With 38 years of experience working for Disney, he encouraged me to give drawing Vanellope a try despite my doubts. With his little tips, I felt confident and he makes it seems so EASY!

Vanellope 9

Obviously, his drawing was spectacular and of course mine was a bit of a disaster…. but with his tips I think that my very unartistic soul was able to create a drawing that maybe passes for Vanellope!?!?  LOL 🙂


Pancake Bunny Ralph

Tips on How to Draw Vanellope from Disney Animator Mark Henn


Take a peek at his step by step drawings and see if you can draw Vanellope! He truly makes it seem SOOOO easy.




Ralph Breaks the Internet NOW on Digital & Blu-Ray February 26th

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Note: Disney paid for my travel expenses to attend the press event in Los Angeles, CA for Ralph Breaks the Internet. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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