Tips on How to get Jimmy Fallon Tickets and what to expect on the Day of the Show (Check In Procedures, Where to Sit & More!)

We’ve got your covered if you want to see the Jimmy Fallon show live! Check out our Tips on How to get Jimmy Fallon Tickets and what to expect on the Day of the Show – Check In Procedures, Where to Sit & More!

Last week, I was fortunate enough to get tickets to the filming of the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. I was so pumped to get them on my first try knowing how difficult it can be. Even after getting tickets, I found it challenging to plan out the day with limited information on what to expect. So I thought that it may be helpful to put together a few tips around the ticketing process along with ideas to help you plan for an amazing day in NY.

how to get tickets to the jimmy fallon show

Tips On How to Get Jimmy Fallon Tickets

First of all, start following @FallonTonight on Twitter. They will tweet sometime around the first week of every month announcing when tickets will be available for the NEXT month. For example, they tweeted on February 10th this tweet:

You must be on the ticket page prior to the release time. Keep refreshing over and over again. We had three computers trying for tickets, and only one was able to get them. You will be placed in a waiting queue for awhile (I think we were in it for about ten minutes). This doesn’t mean that you get tickets, but hang in there! Once you are in, you will likely have several weeks of ticket options, and you need to make your selection quickly. Have several date options ready so you don’t panic. We almost did! Tickets are free, but you can only get a maximum of four tickets.

Tips on How to get Jimmy Fallon Tickets

Tips for day of the Jimmy Fallon show

Yes, the hard part is over! You have just made three people’s week by surprising them with Fallon tickets and scored a ton of cool points. Now to plan out all the logistics…but you have no idea what to expect. No problem. I have a few pointers that I wish I would’ve know before going.

  1. Location: The show is in Rockefeller Center, and you will be meeting on the second floor of the NBC Experience store (merchandise store). If you enter the store, there will be stairs in the center to lead you up to the waiting area. The entire process is inside, which was a huge relief for us in the cold temperatures.
  1. Times to know: Arrival times vary based on who you talk to, but the tickets say 2:30. We got in line around 1:55 and probably had about 75 people in front of us already (the studio seats about 250). I felt that we got there at a reasonable time. NBC overbooks the shows, so don’t be late and make sure to bring your entire party. We were completely checked in a little before three and were told to report back at 4. Don’t be early. Don’t be late.
  2. Things to bring (or not to bring): Don’t bring large bags. They won’t let you bring them in and don’t have an easy place to check them. Each person must have their driver’s license.
  3. Check in process: You will be given either a letter or a number when you check in. Rumor has it that younger people get letters and older people get numbers. Sad to say that this rumor may be true and we got number 2! However, don’t stress too much on this process. There’s no way to figure out the method to their madness. Once you get into the studio, you are placed at different spots (even though it did appear that many people with letters were sitting closer). Every seat is a good one. I would just recommend sitting on an aisle seat if you want a high five from Jimmy after the show!
  4. How to kill time: Once you check in, you have about an hour or so to kill. We went downstairs to the Sea Grill. It’s a great place for lunch or a drink. It also overlooks the Rockefeller ice rink which would be a cool thing for your kids to experience (keep in mind that you must be at least 16 to attend the show). There’s also a ton of shopping right in the building, so you can easily entertain yourselves until 4.
6. Food options: We took the train up to NY from Philly and made a reservation at Butter in Midtown. It is about a five minute walk to the show from there, so we had plenty of time to enjoy some great comfort food before heading over. I would definitely recommend the burger with cheese fondu. It was a perfect way to kick off a girls trip to the city.

You also may be tempted (like I was) to stop at the corner of the block for a Magnolia cupcake. Another cool idea that would tie into the theme of the day would be to try out Jimmy’s new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor Tonight Dough that is sold in the Rockefeller Center.

7. At the show: Once seated, someone will come out and get the crowd warmed up with jokes. You also get to hear the Roots jam out prior to start time, which was one of the highlights for me. The show starts promptly at five, but you are expected to be available that day for any last minute time changes (I’m assuming that this is rare). Of course, all bathroom breaks and cell phone interruptions will cause you to leave the show, and you and will be unable to return. Expect the show to end around 6:15, so enjoy every minute!!

Once the show is over, you may choose to grab dinner or start heading home. No matter what you decide to do, you definitely have to find a cool photo opp before leaving. Since you can’t get a great pic in the studio, we found this to be a perfect option to capture the memory.

If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments. Happy to help!

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  1. Thought this was a great website regarding Fallon tickets. When you got your tickets, were you refreshing just before midnight the day the tickets were being dispersed? Thanks!

  2. Hey there! Wanted to ask a specific question about the people who were helping you to get tickets on their computers. Were they all logged in to your account or did each have their own accounts that they set up? I’m trying to get some friends to help us out and wanted to make sure I led them right! 😉 The ticket release for July show dates is this Tuesday, June 7th. I’d love it if I could know that information as soon as possible. Thanks a bunch!!

  3. Hi there! It looks like you haven’t answered the previous questions but I thought I’d ask the same as the gal above me. Did multiple people try logging in with the same account? Thanks!!

  4. I had the same question. Were the other people that were helping you logged in as YOU on their computers? So that no matter who got the tickets, they’d be under your name?

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