Tips to Enjoy & Survive Walt Disney World in the Rain

Yep. We tackled the Magic Kingdom in the rain. Actually, make that a total downpour!  This advice will give you some good tips & tricks to help you survive and enjoy your rainy day at Walt Disney World. The plus side of rain is that crowds are low and lines will be very short to non-existent. We never even needed to use a fast pass and never waited more than 5 minutes for a ride on our wet adventure at Disney World. And my kids (ages 3 & 5) never once complained about the rain – in fact I think they thought it was quite exciting & the rain poncho was quite a novelty!

1. Long live the Rain Poncho

When the rain starts to fall, you’ll start seeing ponchos pop up everywhere. We highly recommend using the Disney ponchos you can buy just about everywhere in the parks. They are $8.00 (as of 1/18/11) and if it rips or tears you can return it to any vendor in the park and get a new one free of charge.  They are available in both child & adult sizes. A good poncho is essential as you need a thicker material and the right length with a hood to keep you dry.

2. Pack extra socks

The poncho provides such great coverage you probably won’t feel too terribly wet. Even in the torrential downpours we were in, they truly offered excellent coverage. However, our feet were another story. I mistakenly only packed extra socks for the kids so my feet were soaked through my wet sneakers. The kids LOVED me giving them new fresh socks mid-way through our sopping wet morning at the Magic Kingdom and trust me I was wishing I had thought to pack socks for Mom & Dad too.

3. Bring a Towel

Yes, really pack a small towel. Besides possibly drying off yourself at some point, you’ll really want this towel if you have kids in a stroller so you can wipe down the buggy in between rides to be sure you are keeping the kiddos dry and comfortable.  And if the sun comes out later after a quick shower, you’ll love this towel to dry off a park bench so you can sit and relax to enjoy the sunshine – and hopefully dry yourself out too!

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