Tips to Fight Colds & Flu plus Save $1 off Robitussin

Spring is in the air. Flowers and trees are blooming and budding, but unfortunately the nasty cold & flu bugs of winter tend to linger this time of year.  Here’s a $1 off coupon for Robitussin and a link to download the Robitussin Relief Finder app for free at the iTunes store.

How to Boost Your Immunity and Prevent Sickness:

1.   Hand Sanitizer

2.   Rest

3.   Liquids

I always keep hand sanitizer in my purse and car. This way it’s always with me whenever I might need it.  After preschool I make it a ritual to clean the kids hands before we go home and I’m especially obsessive about using hand sanitizer when we’re traveling since so many germs are potentially traveling on the airplane with us.

Uggh – the airport traveling can really hit the kids & me with germs if we are not careful!

And no matter the season, it’s always important to get plenty of rest, eat a balanced diet, and stay hydrated to boost your immunity just in a case a cold strikes. My kids and I were hit hard this winter. Both Kenzie and Kyle had ear infections & chest colds while I had a brutal sinus infection with a touch of pneumonia. Sipping hot tea – or even hot water with lemon is a great line of defense.

Remember when your feel the first tinge of symptoms be sure to really up those fluids – a night curled up with your DVR or a good book can do wonders at helping you feel better.

And when cold or sickness do strike, sometimes medicine is just the trick to bring us relief from our sniffles, congestion, aches, and cough.  So keep your medicine cabinet stocked just in case you might need it when you least expect. And if you don’t know which drug to take, the Robitussin Relief finder helps spell out suggested product advice for you and it’s really easy to use too – love it!

Here’s some advice & $1 coupon savings from Robitussin:

1. If you feel a cough, cold or even the flu coming on, try an over-the-counter medicine such as Robitussin® Peak Cold Nighttime Multi-Symptom Cold for relief. 

2.  Choosing the right over the counter drug can be overwhelming as you wonder which drug will help bring your cold the relief you need. Good news – there’s an app for that!

When you’re on the go, find the right relief for your symptoms with the Robitussin® Relief Finder. (See how to use the app below.)

3. Click here to get a coupon for $1 off a Robitussin® product 

The Relief Finder app is very easy to use. First, choose if your selecting medicine for an adult or child, then if you seek relief in the daytime or nighttime.



Disclsoure: This post is sponsored by Robitussen. As always all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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