Tips to Prep for Allergy Season

SIGH! We’re all ready for the warm weather and blooming flowers, trees, and green grass, but I’m not looking forward to the pollen allergies of Spring or my children and I being hit with Hay Fever symptoms next August. Luckily, by properly managing our allergy issues we’re able to greatly reduce symptoms and I find my kids and I are still FAR HEALTHIER in Spring, Summer, and Fall than in those dark cold days of winter!

Tips for Managing Allergies

I found these tips online at Walmart’s Allergy Wellness resource center that exactly match my Allergy Action Plan developed for me by my Allergist who I’ve been seeing  for 30 years now since I was a little girl.

 Taking once-a-day antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays a week before spring and fall allergy seasons are set to start could put you ahead of the game, says Marjorie Slankard, professor of medicine at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. 

Take your allergy medicine every day

Keeping your dose of medicine constant will help relieve allergy symptoms, so be sure to take it every day.

  • If your symptoms are worse in the morning, be sure to take the drug at night, recommends Dr. Slankard, as it will give the drug time to build up in your body and be effective when you most need it.

Walmart’s Wellness Center also offers advice on dealing with Asthma and also offers up ideas to reduce the environmental impact of your allergens by using items like Air Purifers, Humidifiers and more.

What medicines do you take to battle your allergies?

I use a nasal steroid daily during Allergy Season, and given that I’ve finished years of shots from the age of 14-22, I’m now able to take my antihistamines on an as needed basis only on my worst days and weeks of the allergy season.

If you you have allergies or suspect you have Allergies, definitely explore Walmart’s new online Allergy Wellness Center. It’s free and rich with allergy advice.

It’s an excellent resource full of tips on preventing symptoms and the website offers many suggestions about all the various treatment options. Over the years, I’ve found everyone is different as are their allergies, so you really need to find a treatment plan that works for you.


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