Tips to Purchase a Pre-Owned Mobile Phone for Kids #TrademoreCertified

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Gasp! It’s almost time for back to school. Beyond the hustle and bustle of shopping for back to school supplies, it’s also time for many of us with Middle School or Elementary aged school children to consider purchasing a mobile phone for our kids for the 1st time.



Thoughts about Buying a Pre-Owned Mobile Phone for Kids

Kids today live in a digital world of constant connections. Text groups with friends seem to be the main mode of communication outside of school or sports for my children to keep in touch with their friends once they reached about 4th grade. Plus, having the flexibility to text via wireless – even without a mobile phone monthly plan, enables my kids to reach me when they are at a friend’s or grandparents’ for a sleepover, or waiting for a carpool pick up from the local recreation center.

Personally, for me, allowing my kiddos to use a mobile phone has offered them freedom to connect with peers, learn the responsibility of phone ownership, and the comfort of knowing they can quickly get in touch with Mom and Dad when they are away from home.

Start with a Pre-Owned Mobile Phone for Kids

If you opt to allow your kiddos to start using a phone, there’s no reason to go with a brand new phone that could cost thousands or many hundreds of dollars. Kids could lose or break the phone – after all they are just kids!

Instead, go with a pre-owned mobile device. This is the ideal way for the kids to learn about phone ownership and get the job done in the least expensive manner for Mom and Dad too!

Trademore online made shopping for a pre-owned mobile phone a super easy experience. Check out all the options! See what works for your child and maybe even let them shop with you for something they are excited about using as a mobile phone.

Trademore offers FAST and FREE 2 day shipping too!

Even better, instead of randomly buying a pre-owned phone elsewhere, Trademore products all go through a detailed 30-point functional and cosmetic inspection (for quality, reliability and functionality) and receive a 100% inspection score. So you know whatever you purchase will be safe and functional. Hooray!

Best Benefits of Shopping for Pre-Owned Phones with Trademore

Tips to Purchase a Pre-Owned Mobile Phone for Kids
Trademore offers a large variety of devices with very competitive prices

-All devices go through a 30-point functional and cosmetic inspection (for quality,

reliability and functionality) and receive a 100% inspection score

– Fast and  free 2-day shipping

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Your kids will be ecstatic with the chance to own their very first mobile. My kids were both so thrilled with their phones. Whether it’s an older device or a newer model, they all basically get that job done for kids’ most favorite activities of texting, taking photos, and of course playing with and downloading their favorite apps.

My kids have so much fun shopping for phone cases to personalize their device too. Yay!

My 6th grade daughter went with this groovy mermaid like fluid filled case – whatever floats their boat!


Now to manage how many minutes a day or week you let your kids “play” on their phones is an entirely different discussion – am I right???

Shop for a pre-owned mobile device on Trademore here.


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