‘Tis the Season for Spring Cleaning

What spring cleaning chores are a must in your book? You know those tasks you probably only do every once in a while or annually?
For my house, my little spring cleaning kick always consists of the following:
1.     Revamp my linen closets: I reorganize everything. I start by refolding those towels that have gotten all mixed up. Then, I get rid of that random and useless junk that I stowed away in my linen closet to keep out of the view of unexpected guests throughout the winter.
2.     Wipe Down Time: I use spring cleaning as a reminder to wipe down (or wipe out!) those kitchen and bathroom drawers, especially in the kitchen cutlery drawer and vanity drawers in the bathroom. I love vacuuming out crumbs and using products like Fantastik Oxy Power Multi Purpose Cleaner to get my hard surfaces looking like new! It leaves a fresh smell and gets rid of dust, crumbs, and grease that accumulate over the year.

3.  Spot Clean Time: I’ll do a quick run around the house to try to minimize all the collateral stain damage left from my messy kids. I do this by spot cleaning the furniture and the carpets in the areas where my children played during the winter.

4.     Let in the Air: Opening the windows on those first warm days is marvelous. Even if only for 15 minutes to let in the fresh air that has been shut out for so long during the frigid winter. It’s also a great chance to get rid of some of that dirt and dust that has accumulated over the past six months!
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* This post is sponsored by Scrubbing Bubbles®, but my review and opinions are my own.

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