Top 10 1st Birthday Party Favors

Classy Mommy has compiled our Top Ten 1st Birthday Party Favors to help you with your party planning! Your tyke’s little friends are sure to leave happy with these fun party favors. We selected favors in a range of prices to help fit into any party budget and that will be enjoyed by most 2-3 year old guests as well. Comment below if you’ve seen other favors for the 1 year old age group that really worked well!

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1. Soft Stuffed Animal Rattle $2.54

How can you go wrong combining cute animals with a stimulating toy? You can’t! The toddler age group will love these fun, squishy animals.

2. Rubber Ducks $10 for 24
These super fun rubber ducks are perfect for fun decor around the party and guests will love taking them home as a fun bathtime reminder of a great party!

3. Piggy Bank $2.50
Guests will love this cute piggy bank as it is fun decoration in any nursery and will be handy to have when lessons about saving arise.
4. Safari Friends Tumblers $2.49
These make awesome favors as they can be used at the party and then guests can take them when they leave.
5. Dora Twisty Puzzle $5.69 for 4
Begin learning shapes and colors with your child’s favorite characters! Parents and kids will both love this fun puzzle!
6. Giggle Tubes $.99
Your little guests will love these tubes that giggle when you shake them! My kids find these giggling sounds infectious. Before you know it everyone is laughing!
7. Gumball Machines $3.25
A classic gift, 1 year olds will love the colorful look of these favors and it will look so cute on a shelf in any nursery!
8. Plush Bean Bag Animal Assortment $25 for 12
The 1 age group will love taking home these adorable stuffed animals featuring a parent animal hugging it’s little one!

9. Ice Cream Towel Favors $3.50

Little ones will love these fun favors that look just like ice cream cones! Parents will love them too as they are actually soft, handy towels.

10. Dora Bubbles $4.69 for a set of 4
These Dora bubbles combine your kids’ favorite character with a fun, safe activity that everyone is sure to enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Top 10 1st Birthday Party Favors”

  1. my son's first birthday party got the theme of spiderman.. well, all the kids belong to the party like it well too.. and for the adult.. just wear whatever they want.. LoLs..

  2. I just found this post while surfing for party favors for my granddaughters 1st birthday. You have given some great suggestions. I especially like the giggle tubes, tumblers and rubber ducks. I’ll be visiting your blog again. Thanks.

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