Natures Playground: Top 5 Family Vacation Tips for Iceland @ThisIsIceland #Iceland

Check out Top 5 Family Vacation Tips for Iceland plus a few more Icelandic travel ideas below. I am DYING to visit Iceland with my own family but until then we’re thrilled to start sharing some great International travel advice thanks to our brand new European Correspondant, Kristin who will be living in Switzerland for the upcoming year. Kristin is my best friend from college and the mom of 3 kids ages 8-12 and we can’t wait to share her families adventures with everyone. Kristin kicked off her year abroad with a family vacation to Iceland, one of the most popular destinations in recent years for families looking for adventure. Renting a car in Iceland is an absolute MUST do as this will allow you the flexibility to tour on your own with the timeline that works for your family.

Top 5 Family Vacation Tips for Iceland

Top 5 Family Vacation Tips for Iceland

Iceland is literally nature’s playground. Look at all the destinations you can visit. My kids are begging to visit Iceland after hearing about our friends dream vacation.

Visit & Swim in the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is an absolute Must DO. This geothermal heated spa is all kinds of fun. Check out the family enjoying the Blue Lagoon with Silicon Mud masks. It was fabulous and the family says now they need to return to Iceland to visit Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon — but that glacier lagoon requires more travel time as it is 4.5 hours from Reykjavik.



Gulfoss Waterfall

Gorgeous!!!! Gullfoss is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. It’s one of the top 10 waterfalls in the world and is about 90 minutes from Reykjavík.


 Stokker Geyser

The Stokker Geyserone of Iceland’s most famous geysers as it erupts once every 6–10 minutes. Awesome!

Located in the highly active Geysir Hot Spring Area complete with many geysers and boiling mud pits, this region is located about 90 minutes from Reykjavík too.


Volcanoes and Crater Lakes in Iceland

Kerið is a volcanic crater lake in south Iceland, on the popular tourist route known as the Golden Circle.


Hike or ride gentle Icelandic horses


Hike to Reykjadalur Hot springs


Hallgrimskirkja Church

For a bit of city life and culture beyond the natural wonders, stop by the Hallgrimskirkja church. Known as the “rocket ship” church, Hallgrimskirkja Church is in Reykjavik. You can go up the tower too!


Where to stay in Iceland

As Iceland encourages travelers, many flights offer hotel deals included. However, as a family of 5 it was less expensive to coordinate their own accommodations. Kristin and her family stayed in Reykjavík and use the Kex Hostel as their homebase and booked a rental car so they could tour at their own convenience and based on their own interests. The Kex hostel is a budget style hotel that offers bunk beds so it is a less expensive option  to book 1 room here compared to the need to book 2 rooms for a family of 5 in a more expensive hotel. The concierge was AMAZING and offered lots of advice and directions. The room even offered a view of the ocean and the kids loved the Bunk Beds too!


Kex Hotel in Iceland Check out this view from the room too!




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  3. An opportunity to visit the Iceland presented itself last two years with my husband but I didn’t know where to stay and the activities to engage ourselves in while we stayed. Had to turn it down. I think I’ll get through my agent again.
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