Top 50 Best and Worst Celebrity Author Moms

Who is your favorite Celebrity Mommy Author? did a big reveal of the top 50 best & worst celebrity author mom. They cover it all. Who wrote the sweetest children’s book? The best how-to? The most revealing autobiography? And who probably didn’t write their autobiography at all?

The ever popular mom of eight, Kate Gosselin, finds herself as the 3rd Most Controversial Author  (no surprise there!!!) and 11th favorite author overall.

Coming in at the top of the list is mother of two pre-teen boys, Pamela Anderson who has written two funny and witty novels. I didn’t even know she was a writer! I also had no idea Elisabeth Hasselbeck wrote a book about a gluten free diet. She is one busy Mama -a busy career, book, and 3 kids 5 and under. Wow!

According to Babble, a few of the not so favorites include, Alison Sweeney, Candy Spelling, and Lynne Spears. Rounding out the list at number 50 is Carine Wilson, who has written three books about her struggles with over-eating.

A few of the favorites among these lists were Valerie Bertinelli, Katie Couric, Laura Bennett, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Check out the entire list here and vote for your favorite authors to take the title of most popular celebrity author moms! Thanks to for letting us share this cool info.

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