Top Ten Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Time to celebrate! Here’s our list of Top Ten Birthday Themes for Boys to help you plan out your child’s next birthday party! If you want to see how to plan a party with one of these themes, simply click on the theme and you can see what you need. Click here to get a coupon for 10% off your order at Birthday in a Box. And make sure to comment if you have any other fun themes that didn’t make the list.

1. Superhero
Everybody loves Superheroes and all of your birthday guests will surely love celebrating with their favorite crime fighting heroes!

2. Diego
Celebrate with Diego and all his jungle friends. Your party guests will be singing “Go, Diego, Go!” all the way home!

3. Sports
Incorporate any of your child’s favorite sports into this fun theme! The sports themes also provides an endless amount of game ideas to keep all your party guests entertained.

4. Thomas the Tank Engine
A classic pick, what little boy hasn’t gone through an “I love trains” phase? Celebrating with a Thomas theme leaves the door open for tons of fun train decorations and games!

5. Pirates
An awesome, general theme that has tons of small, fun accessories (think eye patches and bandanas) to make your party extra fun!

6. Dinosaurs
Send your birthday guests back in time with this fun Dinosaur theme!

7. Cowboy
Don your cowboy hat and have some western fun with this classic theme! Extra tip: Host an outdoor Cowboy party at a park that has stables so that you can all pet horses too!

8. Disney Cars
The Disney Cars theme combines the car racing theme with Disney characters that little kids love!

9. Firefighter
This is a great theme for little boys who idolize firefighters as their real life superheroes. Extra Tip: Top off the firefighter theme by hosting it at a fire station complete with a fire station tour.
10. Knights
How can you go wrong with medieval fun! Children love dressing up as the “Knight in Shining Armor” who comes to save the day so why not delight your children with a Knight themed party- and Princesses are always welcome too!

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