Top Ten Summer Toys

We have compiled a list of Top Ten Backyard Summer toys to help you continue your summertime fun now that the Fourth of July has come and gone! These favorite backyard toy finds are perfect for summer weather! If we missed any of your summer faves, be sure to comment on the post and share them with other readers.

1. Pottery Barn Sandbox $280
This Chesapeake Sandbox is made from beautiful wood and will safely provide your children with hours of fun!
2. Little Tikes Jump n’ Slide $250
This ultimate backyard toy combines tons of fun for your kids with peace of mind for the parents!
3. Step 2 Arctic Splash Water Table $50
If you are looking for a super water table, the new Step 2 Arctic Splash is the ultimate find and Classy Mommy’s favorite water table on the market!
4. Cozy Coupe Car $50
This is a classic toy that has been around for generations for a reason – it’s durable, safe and tons of fun!
5. Crayola Sidewalk Chalk $10
You can’t go wrong with chalk because it taps into your kid’s imagination and allows them to draw and play however they want! Read more.
6. Wiggling Water Sprinkler $14
Enjoy the fun of a water park right in your backyard! We love this sprinkler!
7. Step 2 Neat and Tidy Cottage $150
Children will love playing “House” or “Store” in this Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage.
8. Sun Smarties Pop Up Pool $60
This pop up pool really takes care of parents’ needs with all its great features – easy to set up, safe, blocks sun rays, and fun.
9. Step 2 Picnic Table with Umbrella $114
We have this picnic table and in our 3rd season with it, the picnic table still looks new – and we’ve even left it out every icy cold winter too!
10. Dual Slip n’ Slide $30
With a cool twist on an old classic, now you can have two lanes of slip and sliding fun going on at once! Read more.

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