Tortuga Bay, Dominican Republic: 5 Reasons To Visit

Looking for a chic, high end mom and dad getaway? Tortuga Bay in the Dominican Republic is a must visit destination and is considered one of the Leading Hotels of The World.  I recently vacationed at Tortuga Bay for a wedding celebration with friends – it was gorgeous and very easy to get to with a direct flight from Philadelphia.

The villas, designed by Oscar de la Renta are spacious and there’s not a single bad view from any vantage point. This is a great spot to go, relax, and unwind.

Think luxury and privacy so it’s a perfect getaway Mom and Dad without the kids.

Here are five reasons why you need to visit and stay at Tortuga Bay.

1. Direct flights. Direct flights always sway my decision. If it’s direct and three to four hours I can deal with that. It’s worth the trip. Tortuga Bay is only about a 10 minute ride from the airport in Punta Cana and the ride is easy.

2. Ability to safely come and go from the resort to local restaurants. You can leave the resort and visit local restaurants in Punta Cana Village. Easy ride and you feel safe.

3. Quiet and tranquil. The water is gorgeous and it’s not crowded there’s no fighting for a chair daily at the pool or beach. Luxury and privacy are priceless!

4. Less Expensive Off Season Rates. Off season is great for many reasons, less expensive and less crowded. May is perfect before the hurricane season and the serious summer heat.

5. VIP Service at customs upon arrival and departure. The staff of Tortuga Bay greet you as soon as you step foot off the plane, hand them your passports and they take care of the rest, worth every penny! Literally, they whisk you away from the airport in a private car and take you right to the resort.


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