Toy Haul for Charity

Last week we did a crazy huge toy haul at Walmart. And we donated it all to charity! The kids had so much fun selecting special goodies for those less fortunate and it was a great way to show them they could help “give back” as well. Our kids are so fortunate, I find I’m always trying to find ways to explain to them how lucky they are while also trying  to find creative ways to get them involved in charity projects – as much as  3 & 5 yr old can get involved!

I couldn’t believe how far we could stretch our dollar at Walmart – from board games to puzzles to hot trucks to Barbie dolls.

Here’s a video of our $100 shopping spree. (I went slightly over spending $125 as I lost count of our purchases!)

Can you believe all this loot? As we explained, all these toys went to Vanguard’s open toy donation. They distribute them to children in need as part of their sponsor a family program. What a fun project!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Walmart. They also provided us with a $100 gift card to make these toy purchases for our charity donation. Thanks to Walmart for helping our family give back to those in our community.

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