Toy Story 3

It’s out! If you haven’t caught the latest flick, it really is excellent. Grab it before it goes in the vault like all Disney’s dvds! As a bonus, this one also has the digital copy and both blu-ray and regular dvd versions included. It’s a very sentimental movie too as it is all about what Andy should do with his favorite toys now that he is off to college. The toys end up accidentally being donated to a Day Care center where all kinds of havoc and adventures happen as the gang meets a very very naughty Bear. My 5 year old saw it in the theaters last summer and just watched it on DVD last week. It was thrilling and the end is somewhat terrifying for the little preschoolers as they fear the toys will not survive but she was totally fine with it all. However, my little gal is sentimental and was literally in full out tears at the end about Andy saying goodbye to his toys. Very cute. Enjoy! Note: a sample dvd was sent for our review purposes, however we paid to see this one in theaters last summer like everybody else! For more information, click here. Price: $25

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