Trendy Inexpensive Backpacks including a Vera Bradley Look Alike

School’s out for summer, but if you’re looking for a trendy or stylish backpack on a budget, take a peek at this floral canvas bag from No Boundaries that has a faux Vera Bradley feel, trim, and style. Kenzie and I adore this quality canvas backpack that we took for a test run and it’s a real solid option if you have a daughter begging for the “Vera Bradley” bags that the tweens and teens have opted to start carrying to school and the pool in the last 12 months. Check out this Trendy Inexpensive Backpacks including a Vera Bradley Look Alike sold at Walmart for only $18.88.


Trendy Inexpensive Backpacks including a Vera Bradley Look Alike

Take a peek at this stylish inexpensive backpack up close. This bag works great for Moms who need a backpack or tweens and teens looking for a more trendy backpack option for school, the pool, or summer vacation. Priced at only $18.88, it’s a bargain compared to bigger brand names like Vera Bradley and I honestly think the quality and sturdiness of this bag as far as using it as a school bag is comparable if not stronger than a Vera Bradley as it does have a small reinforced bottom and the canvas seems thick and it’s lined with some nylon on the interior that you could wipe down if lunches or drinks spill in transit!

Kenzie is enjoying it now as a fun pool bag and the pouches are great for storing all kinds of stuff in various pockets.

You can purchase this No Boundaries 18” Printed Canvas Buckle Flap Backpack here


More Inexpensive Backpack Ideas

If you want super value and the lowest price possible for a quality backpack, check out these 2 options priced at $3.97 and $9.88.

Both bags are a nice side with outer zippered pouches. Here’s some more details on each option and their pricing. Both bags are really functional for kids for school or for anyone needed a basic backpack. Kenzie and I just think the inexpensive floral canvas bag is trendier and more stylish so it fits our lifestyle better.

17.5” Classic Backpack With Reinforced Vinyl Bottom and Comfort Padding:

This slightly more trendy bag with the multi-colored feminine design also has a faux leather vinyl bottom that provides extra support and style which is why I think it is priced slightly higher in the $9 range.

Basic 16” Front Pocket Backpack:

This bag is ultra inexpensive so HUGE as far as value comes. A backpack for under $4 is practically a steal in my book. This will stretch your back to school budget in a big way.


Overall, if you need a new inexpensive backpack that gets the job done, both of these are definitely some excellent options.

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