Trip to NYC for the Little Fockers Movie Screening

Today, I hopped on the train in NJ and headed to the Big Apple to watch a screening of the Little Fockers movie that’s coming out on December 22nd.  I’m not the most savvy city girl, so this trip, as expected, was full of adventure. Thanks to Roberto, my new train buddy, I was able to avoid getting my car towed at the station, and he graciously carried my luggage to help me avoid missing the train. Also thanks to Hassam, my taxi driver, who offered not to charge me anything and promised to take me anywhere if I would ride up front and be his girlfriend. As tempting as a free taxi ride sounded, I had to politely decline the romantic offer and paid my taxi fare in full. Once I arrived safely at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton in Central Park, I was ready to explore.

I arrived in NY with plenty of time to see the festivities of the season. My first stop was Macy’s. I’ve never been to this store at Christmas and was dying to see the window displays. Check out the look on the children’s faces. Priceless.

I couldn’t resist going into Macy’s and doing a bit of shopping myself. After fighting the crazy crowds for a bit, I decided to head to the seventh floor to see the Santa.

I wasn’t able to sneak a peek of Santa since you have to wait in a long line through Santaland to even catch a glimpse. I was, however, entertained by the conductor of the “train” that took kids to the North Pole. The stories he told were captivating to both the kids and their parents.

Since I couldn’t see Santa, I got the next best thing and took a picture with Snowball!

The one store I always insist on going to when I visit NY is the gigantic Forever 21. I know, I’m past 21 and should dress my age, but I do enjoy buying accessories and hot trends here to avoid investing big bucks on a trend that may go out of style quickly. I always find this store a fun challenge to bring some jazziness into my wardrobe.

Now that I got my sight-seeing out of the way, I’m ready to sit down tomorrow with the cast of Little Fockers and get the inside scoop. I should have some great pics coming from that, so stay tuned.

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  1. I love all the Focker movies!!!!! They are absolutely hilarious! I can watch them over and over again and they keep getting funnier! I am so jealous.I cannot wait to see Little Fockers. The cast is going to be so entertaining to meet! Can I be a Classymommy-in-training and come with you to these awesome events?!?!? If you ever meet Beyonce, I will cry forever.Maybe she will have a baby with Jay-z and you will get to interview her! Omg, a dream come true <3 Okay, back to finals! I'll be done by tomorrow!

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