Vacation Vacation Vacation

And what a wonderful trip it’s been. Wish I could have posted daily on the joys and horrors of our week long adventure to the Jersey Shore as I really could have used the therapy. Alas, spilling my entire water bottle all over my keyboard on Day 2 ended any and all aspirations of blogging. Totally fried my keyboard – wish I could blame my 2 year old but it was all me! Good news is that I’m up almost up and running again 8 days later with a new laptop and hopefully (fingers crossed) all my old files.

There is some mysterious magical quality to a trip to the Jersey shore for us Philly folks. Out of towners can’t quite feel the charm so I imagine it must just be how the shore invokes memories of our own childhood just like the smell of Coppertone takes your senses to sunny days spent on the beach. Working on converting my husband to a true lover of the shore- and I think I’m 85% there……

The cliff notes version of our trip was mostly all ups:

gorgeous sunny weather – that wasn’t too hot, tons of ice cream, daily donuts and sticky buns from Mallon’s, morning runs everyday, sandcastles, running around the beach splashing in the waves like Fairies to the delight of 2 year old Mackenzie, living it up on the kiddie rides at the Ocean City Boardwalk, Mike winning the Sea Isle 5K run on the beach, and tons of quality family time – especially due to the “blessing” of my crashed laptop which left us without our addiction to email, twitter, or surfing the web.

And the cliff notes version of the downs: (only 2 downs! hooray!)
standard family snafu’s including our 1 and only “DATE NIGHT” being canceled after Mackenzie accidentally choked/inhaled a bit of her spaghetti which resulted in 90 mins of gagging off and on and being adamant something was in her nose. we didn’t know if she got food up her nose for real or truly was sick since the incessant gagging went on for so long. all of which she’d intermittently be asking for sticky buns while we were trying to get her to puke over the toilet. truly. low and behold she was thankfully fine after eventually slipping out an entire piece of spaghetti. guess it was stuck somewhere in her nose and throat region and was tickling her throat causing her to gag until she finally ejected it. mackenzie will never be allowed to eat spaghetti again until she is at least like 6 years old.

and we topped off the trip in total parenting style. on our way home from the beach saturday night the kids slept almost the entire trip. all seemed well with the world. a calm ride. adult conversation. the end of a fabulous week. \ but we were debating the possibility of us traveling to Florida in November to visit family and see Disney World given how traveling with 2 little ones really does require a lot of work – effort- energy-packing- even when all goes 100% smoothly! sure enough just as we were about to turn into our development Kenzie told us her tummy hurt. she sometimes gets car sick so I knew just what was about to happen. we opened the windows as we were literally 1/2 mile from home. then she started to cry and whine and i knew she was going to be sick. suggested to Mike to stop the car as we were now only 1 block from home in our community. he said we’d make it. driving down the hill to our house she totally tossed her cookies. 3 times. all over everything and of course the car seat. which if anyone has ever experienced knows it is a total nightmare. disgusting and practically impossible to remove the smell. uggh! of course upon us evacuating her from the car and giving her a fresh bath she was 100% fine again and seemed to be completely unphased by the incident claiming she spit up just like Kyle who is 7 months old. Ahh not quite like that you know? although I gotta say the timing was ideal and entirely preferable to occur in the last 2 mins of a roadtrip with kids.

So yeah we loved the vacay. But traveling with 2 little ones 2 and under is high on the drama!

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