Valentine’s Day Signature Pink Velvet Cupcakes

Thanks to the brand new Duncan Hines Signature Pink Velvet Layer Cake, I was easily able to whip up yummy PINK cupcakes to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I scored this easy to use cake box mix from Walmart for under $5.

My kids and their friends ALWAYS prefer cupcakes so instead of using the cake instructions, we opted to make cupcakes.

I like to keep things simple so followed the recipe for the cake and just baked it cupcake style. I did follow the instructions to use BUTTER instead of OIL like I normally use when making Box Cake mixes. I think this made the cupcakes taste extra delicious. They were rich testing with a delicious buttery vanilla flavor.

8 year old Kenzie was very involved in the process. Maxing cupcakes from a box mix is the ideal why to easily incorporate kids into the baking process.

So the cupcakes will be pink but will definitely taste like a traditional rich vanilla cupcake.

Look how delicious this bold pink batter looks?

Kenzie couldn’t wait to decorate the cupcakes with icing and these yummy new Red Velvet M&M’s.

Red Velvet M&M

She decided to use sprinkles and M&M’s and place them in the shape of a heart on each cupcake. Super cute!

Letting the kids get creative with icing, sprinkles, and other various toppings is a marvelous way to enable kids to use their imagination in the kitchen and let them really feel ownership in the final product. And when it comes to desserts, my kids LOVE being able to say they made it – and then eat it too!

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