Video: 4 year old Kyle is riding a 2 wheeler

How do you teach your kids to ride a bike? Apparently the easiest way is to not teach them at all!


This weekend with little Kyle it seemed he picked it up almost all by himself. Awesome! Amazing how what can be so easy for one child is difficult for another. We popped off his training wheels, showed him how to do it once and then pretty much ignored him as were focusing on helping big sister Kenzie master riding her bike.

Next thing we knew, Kyle just decided to start riding on his own. We weren’t really paying attention to him and then looked over and saw him tooling around all over the playground on his bike instead of riding the scooter we brought to entertain him. Awesome! Here is his video:

My advice on why it’s so easy for Kyle – forgetting he obviously has always had great athletic ability of course.

1. Buy the kids a super small bike so they can learn young. Be sure they have mastered pedaling obviously (usually have to be 3 to do this!)

2. Buy a Balance bike so the kids can tool around on it to get the feel for balancing on 2 wheels. I think our Kazaam bike really helped him master the bike riding 2 wheeler thing naturally.

3. Take of the training wheels off and keep them off.

4. Watch other kids riding bikes. Yes, it looks so easy because as we all know it really is once you can do it!

5. Believing you can do something is more than half the battle. After showing him how to how to do it and told him he was great, he believed us. Hooray!



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