Video and Photos of the Sesame Character Breakfast at Beaches Resort #BeachesKWLV

The Sesame Character breakfast rocks! Check out our Video and Photos of the Sesame Character Breakfast at Beaches Resort. We had the best time at our Sesame breakfast last week during our stay at Beaches Resorts in Turks and Caicos when we were there to celebrate the grand opening of the new Key West Luxury Villages at Beaches. This is a total MUST DO at Beaches Resorts if you are excited about the Sesame characters. It is the easiest way to quickly and easily get photos and for your kids to get totally immersed with Sesame for a quick easy fun filled hour.

Literally EVERY character attends! Big Bird greets you upon arrival too! From Grover to Oscar to Elmo to Zoe to Abby and the Count! And let’s not forget, Bert and Ernie! The characters don’t just visit your table to pose for a photo either – they are all ultra interactive and fun. My 6 year old Kyle brought his autograph book as he had high hopes the Sesame friends would sign his book….. everyone we asked did indeed sign it too and they were super cute and fun during the process.

Video and Photos of the Sesame Character Breakfast at Beaches Resort

At the end of the breakfast, the Sesame friends do a little dance party where all the children can participate too. We thought this breakfast rocked and we had a fantastic time. The Sesame character breakfast is definitely a MUST DO at Beaches Resorts.

Here is a video we made with some of the highlights from our meal.

Pricing and Inclusions for the Sesame Character Breakfast at Beaches Resort


I think this upgraded activity with the Sesame character is well worth the value price as you get a ton! For a family of 4 (2 kids and 2 adults) you can do it all for only $49.99. Nice!

Here’s the link to all the details if you are considering booking the Sesame character Breakfast at Beaches. 


A list of pricing options and what your kids will receive which includes balloon, adorable plush Sesame finger puppet and of course breakfast for the whole family!

  • A 45-minute breakfast where all the Sesame Street® characters* walk around to greet and playfully interact with the children
  • Coloring mat with crayons for each child
  • Mylar ballon for each child
  • Character finger puppet for each child
  • 12-oz. sip cup for each child


Note: Thanks to Beaches Resort for providing our accommodations for our family and airfare for 2 so we could celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Key West Luxury Village in Turks and Caicos. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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