Video: Backstage with Emeril

Here’s a fun sneak peek into our day on the set of Emeril’s new show – Emeril’s Table that will air on the Hallmark Channel this fall.

A few girlfriends and I all participated as guests on the show where we sat down with Emeril for an intimate cooking lesson. See the video for a taste of the show and I’ve shared some scoop below.

On Emeril:

Loved him. Emeril was super nice and very humorous. Plus, a total pro running the show. We loved every second of it and the meal we ate was out of this world – Chicken cooked in a Tagine and made with olives, preserved lemon, onions, and saffron. Amazing and my mouth is watering just thinking about it now.

We’ll see how well I can apply his lessons to my everyday life!

On Cooking with Emeril:

Oh my. What an experience. Since I confessed to being a microwave chef I was the one that got to go up and do the demo with him to make our Chicken Roulade. He had me “pound” meat – something I’ve never done before with the classic tool called a meat tenderizer – also something I do not own and didn’t even know existed! (Yes I am a novice cook!) Somewhat hysterical being commanded to pound harder and harder with all the cameras rolling and me being totally nervous about touching raw chicken. We’ll see how they cut the clip and just how much they show of me hammering away.

What’s with all the make-up?

You’ll see from the video that the staff took extra good care prepping us all with make-up and hair. They went all out re-doing our lip gloss, blush, and HD powder between takes – and even gave 4 of us all fake eyelashes to wear. (Note: I was terrified of getting them applied and totally skeptical of how they would look – but the make up artist was so good it was insane. I didn’t feel a thing when she put them on me and they looked totally real. Very cool!)

When will the show air?

Sometime in September when his new season of Emeril’s Table airs on the Hallmark Channel.

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