Video of a Cute Kitten Grooming and Sleeping on Boy’s Head

Yup! Check out this Video of a Cute Kitten Grooming and Sleeping on Boy’s Head This is one crazy kitten we adopted from our local shelter. Stitch is absolutely fascinated with Kyle’s head. She adores and loves his head to the point of it being absolutely ridiculous! She loves to fall asleep on his head, but now she appears to want to groom him before falling asleep. We all adore Stitch and love her to bits so 9 year old Kyle is all about letting her sleep on his head. Typically it looks like this….. but as you’ll see in the video below it’s getting pretty NUTS!

Video of Cute Kitten Grooming and Sleeping on Boy's Head

Video of a Cute Kitten Grooming and Sleeping on Boy’s Head

We caught this video of her trying to actually GROOM Kyle. Hilarious! And admittedly CRAZY, but Kyle let her do it.

It appears that since she was raised without a Mama cat, she’s taken to all of us as her fellow felines and maternal figures!

Apparently, this whole kittens wanting to lick, groom, and sleep on people’s heads is officially a thing…. Who knew?

My cat Pip, who lived to be 19+ years old, never once went for our heads so this all new territory for me! Pip was raised by her Mama Cat though so maybe she learned more normal behaviors whereas our poor little Stitch was literally found as a kitten in a dumpster and then brought to our local shelter! So Stitch truly didn’t have a Mama teaching her the ins and outs of everything!

After all, as they now say, cats really are the LION in our LIVING ROOM! Did you see that documentary? We just watched it – interesting and there is a book by the same title that is fascinating!

You can check out the book on Amazon here:

The Lion in the Living Room: How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World


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