Video Recap: Disney Junior Pirate Party with Sharkey & Bones

Party like a Rock Star. The kids went WILD at this special event Disney Junior put on for the kids and families at the Disney Social Media Moms conference. The theme was basically a Jake & The Neverland Dance Party. With special hosts…. Sharkey & Bones! Yes, THE Sharkey and Bones. Kids were screaming YoHoHo. Dancing was intense and Jake was mobbed by about 50 kids as he tried to make is way onto the dance floor. My kids were already obsessed with this new show, but after this dance party they are BEYOND obsessed.

What a night!  Enjoy our clip of the festivities.

Disclosure: We were invited to this special event as part of our recent trip to the Disney Social Media Moms conference. My modest conference fee included meals, events, our hotel stay and park tickets. As always all thoughts and opinions on the Mouse are my own. And I’ve been loving him since I was about 3 years old too 🙂

3 thoughts on “Video Recap: Disney Junior Pirate Party with Sharkey & Bones”

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